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Italy’s Oldest Amusement Park Lit by Bridgelux LED Arrays

Bridgelux Inc., a leading provider of high-performance, solid-state LED arrays, announced the selection of Bridgelux Vero® Series and V Series™ LED arrays in over 1,000 fixtures throughout the historic amusement park. The park has been a country landmark since 1953, but closed briefly in 2008 when it fell on hard times. Many anticipated the reopening of the park and the updated attractions. New lighting fixtures by ILM Lighting provides a bright, child friendly atmosphere meant to inspire, entertain and safeguard visitors of all ages while saving energy costs for the park.

“How lighting makes you feel is a critical element to any environment, but especially one that is designed to evoke excitement and nostalgia,” stated Aaron Merrill, VP Product Marketing at Bridgelux. “Being featured in such a historic park in Italy is very exciting for us. It is exciting to see that what we create is helping our customers experience the power and possibility of light.”

In close collaboration with designers from Fabertechnica Lighting, ILM Lighting installed fixtures throughout the entire 17 acre park that stimulate the imagination of every guest by illuminating building structures and lighting walkways.  Federico Ognibene, CEO and chief designer of ILM Lighting, is proud to be part of the transformation, “As children, we all had fun at Luneur, and now we’ve contributed to the reopening of a landmark in the city of Rome. We are extremely proud.”

Marco Frascarolo, Scientific Coordinator and Lighting Designer at Fabertechnica, feels similar, “Happy to have worked together with my team to give light to this place that was a place of my dreams when I was young.”

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