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1. This led is easy for installaton.The length can be made as required to fit any wardrobe.It's a good choice to repalce tradition closet rod and make wardrobes higher grade.Also, you can cut it short yourself as need.
2. Vibration switch control:The light will be turned on by the vibration of opening door, automatically turn off in 30 – 60 seconds. (Sensing time is customized.)Also, the product length can be cut short to fit the cabinet size.
Application:Lighting for cabinet and wardrobe.

Input Voltage(输入电压)DC12V
Power(最大功率)Max 3W/m
Switch Mode(开关方式)Vibration switch control
Type of LEDs(LED型号)3528
Number of LEDs(LED数量)26PCS/m
Luminance(亮度)140 Lm/m
Beam angle(发光角度)120°
Light Decay(光衰率)<5%@1000h
Protection Grade(防护等级)IP54
Operating Temperature(适用温度)-20 - 50℃
Storage temperature(存储温度)-20 - 60℃
Material(材质)AL+ PC

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